Day 1: Visual FX Overview

Detailed Content

Day 1: This course consists of four modules and includes a hands-on session with a digital stills camera:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Hands-on with camera kit for digital stills capture
  • Post-production: Assets
  • Post-production: Shots


This module will focus on what happens before you go on-set. You will look at:

  • Pitching for VFX
  • Concept art to illustrate ideas
  • Visualising a shot with Previs
  • Planning for the shoot with Techvis


This training module will focus on what happens during the shoot and the data you need to acquire for VFX shots. You will look at:

  • Shooting plates for VFX
  • Element Shoots
  • On-set data acquisition
  • Capturing performances


With the shoot in-progress or possibly complete, you can now focus on creating the assets. This module will cover:

  • Preparing on-set VFX data
  • Modelling for VFX
  • Painting surface details and creating materials
  • Digital hair, fur and feathers
  • Creating digital puppets


With your assets created, the film scans the on-set data available; you can now start adding your CG elements to the shots. This module will cover:

  • Matching a digital camera to a real-world camera
  • Post-visualisation
  • Body/object tracking elements in a shot
  • Composing a shot in Layout
  • Adding weight to movement in Animation
  • Adding dynamic effects to cloth, hair, muscle, skin and crowds
  • Creating a believable and abstract FX
  • Shot fixing a shot
  • Creating digital environments and set extensions
  • Lighting a VFX shot
  • Rotoscoping and plate preparation
  • Bringing the VFX elements together in Compositing


Presentation of Certificates by DNEG

Social Programme: networking drinks and dinner (optional)